A Step Towards A Greener Side

Climate change is the defining issue of our time and we are at a deciding threshold. As we face the threats of nature, dwipbox emphasizes the urgency to be climatically sensitive and advance to a better greener future.

As the long term solution to the inevitable climate change is to reduce the carbon emissions due to human activities, designers around the world come together to create and design carbon-neutral and better yet, carbon-negative environment. Carbon-neutral activities release net-zero carbon emissions into the atmosphere whereas carbon-negative activity creates an environmental benefit to reduce the additional carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Our society today face a variety of environmental challenges. Many of these challenges arise from cities due to the intensive use of resources. Fortunately, an array of concrete solutions and initiatives of the challenges are being developed and enforced in cities around the globe.

Earth Hour City Challenge:

The EHCC is a WWF initiative to reduce the net carbon footprint in the world. Over half the population of the world reside in cities and are responsible for 70% of the carbon emissions produced. The challenge invites the cities to report at least one mitigation action and one commitment to reduce the carbon footprint.

EHCC aims to highlight the various challenges and solutions faced by the cities to identify options and promote collaboration between these cities. Thus far EHCC has over 300 cities participating in the challenge that have reported about 400 climate commitments and 2500 climate mitigation and adaptation techniques. Enhanced by WWF’s social media campaign “We Love Cities”, the availability of information of the cities actions for climate change has increased public participation and support in the involved cities.

Living Building Challenge:

The International Living Futures Institute stands for being “sociall